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Frequently Asked Questions

Network Access

You need to be connected to the SUTD network to access any compute resources. If you are outside school, you may use the official school VPN.

To be able to use VPN, download the VPN from SUTD Downloads. Install then sign in to SecurePulse to get connected to VPN.


  1. What is the difference between Athena and Apollo/Artemis

On Apollo/Artemis you get a user-friendly interface to spawn Jupyter Notebook for you to run iterative experiments on consumer-grade GPUs. This is recommended for beginners.

On Athena (DGX-1) you can run heavier workloads, but you need to be comfortable with the command line and Docker.

  1. Who is Jovyan??

Official answer

  1. Why you don’t let me have root inside container?

The general suggestion is to create the expectation of users getting root access as it will lead to possible security issues in the future, hence leading to crackdown which will cause more displeasure. Rather than let users have root we will work to include required system packages included inside the provided container. Feature requests can be filed at tlkh/deeplearning-lab.



  1. Can I sudo apt-get?

You are allowed to sudo apt-get if you are within your own container. Please do not use the sudo command outside of your own container.

  1. I can’t find my container? Did someone remove it?

Please be advised that when launching your container from an image the first time, please name your container, e.g. user_pycuda so you are able to find your containers easily using the nvidia-docker ps -a | grep user.